Band/ Speakers

Opening Band Selection Process

Send an artist/band packet by mail to:SOULSTOCK Ministries, 20255 Capitol Hill Drive, Tanner, AL 35671.Packet MUST contain:

• Contact person’s name, email, and phone number
• 2-3 Demo songs on CD or flash drive (no DVDs). Include at least one praise/worship song.
• Band/artist promotional photo(s) in large high res (300dpi) JPEG
• Short (1 – 2 paragraphs) band bio that includes member names, where you are based, etc.
• Let us know if you have a preference as to which day you would like to open. If no preference, please indicate.
• ALL submissions must be RECEIVED by JANUARY 31, 2015.

Please note, each year we receive a lot of packets from bands/artists. We promise to listen to them all. However, we ask that you not contact us to find out if your band was chosen. We will contact you once the bands/artists have been determined to let you know if you have been selected or not. We will announce the opening bands/artists to the general public the same time we announce the rest of the lineup.
What you get as an Opening Band/Artist

• 30 minutes on the SoulStock stage
• An opportunity to participate in the event with several of today’s top Christian artists
• Your band’s picture and/ or info on posters, websites and other promotions
• Merchandise table on the day you perform
• Other benefits we will go over if you are chosen. SoulStock is a two day event now so we will be choosing opening bands/artists for Friday or Saturday. We look forward to hearing from all of you.